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About Us


We actively import and export fresh and frozen seafood products, process seafood and supply it to various corporations and organisations. We are also in the process of expanding our product range into supplying of food, and adding value to seafood and its operations by researching and processing food products in order to increase our production and processing capacity.

We are also supported by a strong client base in Malaysia, which includes hotels, chain restaurants, convention centres and airlines. We are on a constant pursuit for high quality, hygiene and safety. All our products carry the ISO 9001:2008, HALAL, MESTi and HACCP certifications to ensure that we provide the best we can.


From a young age, Kho Peng Pak had always known that he wanted to start his own business. However, it was difficult, because he did not have the means to start his own enterprise. Therefore, after years of doing hard labour for employers, he saved up enough capital to begin his business. It was then that he asked the question, “What is something that people need every day?”

In 1970, Kho Peng Pak decided to venture into the seafood business, in answer to his question. What started off as a small stall has now expanded into a full-service company called Peng Pak Sea Products Sdn Bhd that imports, exports, farms, processes and distributes seafood. The growth of what is known today as Peng Pak Group over the past 30 years has been accomplished as a result of our unrivalled knowledge of the seafood business, dedication to customer service and high quality products.

Today, Peng Pak Group is run by second generation Kho family members as well as a dynamic team of highly experienced and dedicated professionals, and it has become one of the leading seafood operators in Sarawak. Our businesses today stretch across different pipelines, including, but not limited to aquaculture farming, food and beverage trading and food processing.


We are always striving to be frontrunners of the seafood business, and we constantly look for innovative ways to expand our food business through research and development. At the same time, we do not compromise on the quality, safety and cleanliness of our production and premises, as we take our customers’ trust very seriously.


To give everyone the privilege to enjoy high quality seafood and other food products at an affordable cost.







在未来的日子里,平北集团也将极力推广婆罗洲的海产,以及利用婆罗洲海产新鲜及高品质的优势,打造一系列的海产原料及海产加工食品品牌 ( Profisher ) ,以期将最好的呈现给消费者,并将平北集团推向高峰。


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